Things Are Not What They Appear To Be

Things are almost never just as they appear to be.  As I reflect back upon my early life, I realize that what I had been taught or learned about God and religion didn’t make much sense.  Only when I began to become spiritually aware and learn the truth of spiritual and human existence did it all begin to make sense to me, perfect sense.  Even as a young boy I had a very difficult time reconciling to the notion that an all-knowing, all-loving, and all-powerful God would create a world in which so many suffered.  I had an even tougher time with the concept that God would give his children one chance and only one chance to “get it”.  And if they didn’t, or if by some unlucky circumstance they just happened to die in the state of mortal sin, it was the eternal damnation of Hell’s fires for them.  That didn’t make sense either.  Who among us that love our children would or could do this?  Instead, I have learned that God loves us unconditionally, despite our many faults, and we get as many chances as we need to get it right.  That is the purpose and necessity of reincarnation, to discover and unfold to, and then become, our true nature and divine person.  We do this through a continuing process of trial and error, of making mistakes, and making bad and then hopefully, good and better choices.  Along the way, lifetime after lifetime, we start to make better choices as we begin to resonate more and more with our true divine nature.  And so we keep returning to earth, along with our soul mates, friends, spiritual helpers, and family members, in different places and wearing different faces, in different guises and different costumes, in the continuous journey of spiritual evolution.  We get all the chances we need to evolve to Christ Consciousness, for it takes many, many lives to discover and become the true expression of our God-nature.  On the journey we get to experience this beautiful planet, its occupants, and the many gifts and attributes that God has given us.
                                                                                                                                                                       If you are like I was, there was a time when I was so turned off by religion that I just rejected the concept on its face.  Then I experienced God directly, and all bets were off.  Some of the things I will share with you, you will find surprising.  Others you will find profound.  Ideally, everything will make sense to you, just as it has for me. Most significantly, my hope is that you will find that what I am about to share with you is both sensible and practical, for truth is simple and simply stated.  For instance, there is only one ever so brief description of God in the Bible, given to us in his first book, the Gospel of John.  In his most elegant and humble fashion, the disciple tells us simply that “God is love”.  No truth is simpler or more profound than this.  I ask that, when you receive these truths, you breathe them in and take them into your heart, “feel” with them, and then decide how you feel about them.  I also ask of you to keep both your mind and heart open to possibility, the possibility that we’re all not just helpless and hapless victims of a cruel world, and that we all have a divine origin and purpose, one which is becoming more and more known to each of us in this, the New Day.  Ask to know the truth, and you will receive it.

© 2012 Charles Curcio


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