The New Day Book Blog

Hi everyone.  Each week I will be printing excerpts from my book The New Day that will provide a true and unique perspective of what life, being, and purpose are all about.  In my own journey, I have lived and experienced many things, including the American Dream.  But the most profound and life changing experiences I have had were the spiritual lessons, truths, and understanding I have gained since that time. In the New Day you will learn the truth about God and you, your own spiritual nature, your relationship with the Universe, the reasons you have come to earth, and your life’s purpose, plan, and mission.  I will share with you many profound and yet simple spiritual truths, articulating the way things truly are, and sharing many things some of you have probably never heard or realized before.

The New Day is a an incredible story of Spirituality and Spiritual Awakening in which you will learn the truth and purpose of life, the spiritual gifts and abilities you possess, how you can develop and express them, and how to bring healing, harmony, and abundance into your life.  In the coming weeks, we will cover many different spiritual and existential subjects including the following: 1. Things Are Not What They Appear To  Be  2. Who am I, What am I, and What the heck am I doing here? 3. Principles of Energy  4. Our Human Journey, Purpose, and Plan, & Our Spiritual Anatomy  5. Eternal Life, The Myths of Death, and of Heaven and Hell  6. The Forces of Resistance or Evil and Their Role in the Divine Plan.  7. The Law of Karma, of Cause and Effect  8. The True Nature and Cause of Dis-ease  9. The Spiritual Powers & Gifts You Possess  10. And Through the Darkness, God Rediscovers Himself  11. Delphi University of Spiritual Studies   12. The Spiritual Secrets of My Business Success

The New Day will finally answer the questions man has pondered within from the beginning of time: “Who am I, What am I, and What am I doing here?”  So keep an open mind and an open heart, and get ready to know the truth, the truth of life, the truth of you.  Love, Light, and Blessings, Charles

©2012 Charles Paul Curcio


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